About me


My name is Sanh and I’m living in Schiedam with my spouse.  In 2014, when visiting my partner who was a Ph.D. student in The Netherlands, I decided to move here to reunite with her and to explore new opportunities as The Netherlands is a great country with a great deal to offer. Since then, I have studied network administration on my own for developing my future IT career.

From 2006, I was a founder of Electronic and Telecommunication Department forum (dtvt.org), which attracted more than 50,000 student members, created an online platform for learning, discussion, and studying materials sharing among members. In 2010, I attained my bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. During my undergraduate years, I worked part-time for nearly 2 years as a technical assistant at Vietnam Data Communication Company – Center 3 (VDC3) – one of the largest internet service providers in Vietnam.  Upon graduation, I was offered a permanent position at  Project & Cooperation for Development Department at VDC3.  During my work, I also obtained some internationally accredited certificates such as CCNA, MCP, MCTS, MCSA, CCSI. After almost 6 years with VDC3, my contributions got recognized when I got some achievements, such as “Employee of The Year 2011” (national level), many titles “Month Employee” and “Quater Employee” during 2012-2014. 

You can connect with me at me[at]lvsanh[dot]net to discuss interests, or just click on the facebook button and send me a request.

Have a nice day!