About me


My name is Sanh and I’m living in Schiedam with my spouse.  In October 2014, I decided to move to The Netherlands to reunite with her and to explore new opportunities here. Since then, I have trained myself with ICT knowledge, and essential language and driving skills to settle down in The Netherlands.

I have a tremendous interest in computer hardware and networking field. With 6-year experience in ICT area, I hold some international accredited certificates such as CCNA, MCP, MCTS… I possess not only strong skills in troubleshooting networking devices/ computer hardware but also experience with many types of customers’ feedback. I am always eager to learn new technologies in hardware/ networking area and I am willing to learn from others who have an overwhelming desire to evolve in ICT. My objective is becoming an expert in this field. 

You can connect with me at me[at]lvsanh[dot]net to discuss interests, or just click on the facebook button and send me a request.

Have a nice day!